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Endodiag vision is that we can radically change the lives of millions of women suffering from endometriosis through earlier and easier diagnosis and radically improved disease management.
We develop new endometriosis diagnostic solutions for healthcare professionals. These solutions are intended to contribute to a better endometriosis diagnosis, a more personalized patient management, more efficient treatment options and fertility strategy.

Our mission is to radically change the lives of millions of women by bringing new endometriosis diagnostic solutions.
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Endodiag is based on human values and consideration of the individual. As in endometriosis research, we are convinced that strong team cohesion and unity are essential factors for successful project. We are attentive and listening each other and every opinion is took in account, just as we care about endometriosis patients. Involvement of every team member is essential to move on together!

Our Endodiag team is multidisciplinary and composed by actors with complementary skills. These resources are in line with our activities in terms of biotechnology research, gynaecology medicine, project management, in vitro medical device marketing, quality assurance, regulatory...

Management team
Advisory board
Cécile Real Cécile Real fun

Cécile Real - CEO and co-founder

20 years of experience in medical industry and management of medical start-up… Read more

Marc Essodaigui Marc Essodaigui fun

Marc Essodaigui - VP Corporate Development

PhD in Molecular Biophysics and a Master in Strategic Marketing 15 years… Read more

Hélène Bény Hélène Bény fun

Hélène Bény - Head of Laboratory

Biotechnology engineer (UTC) 7 years of experience in biotechnology as… Read more

Arnaud Beurdeley Arnaud Beurdeley fun

Arnaud Beurdeley - Scientific Director

Master Degrees in Genetics and Management. 15 years experience in molecular… Read more

Jennifer Lourenco Jennifer Lourenco fun

Jennifer Lourenco - Director of Regulatory and Clinical Affairs

IFSIC Engineer, specialized in Regulatory-QA In charge of CE mark/FDA… Read more

Mr. Dickinson Mr. Dickinson fun

Mr. Dickinson - Member of the Business Advisory Board

FCA, a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and… Read more

Dr. Fazel Dr. Fazel fun

Dr. Fazel - Member of the Medical Advisory Board

MD, PhD, Assistant Professor In Obstetrics and Gynecology,Hôpital Lariboisière,… Read more

Pr. Yeung Pr. Yeung fun

Pr. Yeung - Member of the Medical Advisory Board

Director, Center for Endometriosis, St Louis, USA Read more

Jean Bouquet de la Jolinière Jean Bouquet de la Jolinière fun

Jean Bouquet de la Jolinière - Co-founder and Medical Advisor

Obstetric Gynaecology surgeon Professor at Fribourg Hospital (Switzerland)… Read more

Jean Gogusev Jean Gogusev fun

Jean Gogusev - Co-founder and Scientific Advisor

Pathologist and cytogeneticist, he also holds a PhD in Biology (Oncology).… Read more

Patrick Henri Patrick Henri fun

Patrick Henri - Co-founder and Sales & Marketing Advisor

25 years of experience in International Sales & Marketing in Urology and… Read more


Endodiag is actively seeking for academic centers, medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies collaboration opportunities.

For more information on Endodiag’s collaboration opportunities, please contact us

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We are always looking for new talents, whether in R&D, Regulatory or Sales & Marketing areas. We believe that experience and, above all, the motivation, teamwork skills and initiative of our employees are all essential and will enable us, together, to find new diagnostic tools for endometriosis to allow for better patient management. If you believe that you have the required skills and would like to join a fast moving company, send us your CV at


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